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Centre of the Universe

In 2020, during one of the discussions about uniting various groups of the Polish community in Belgium, an idea emerged to create a special place where multiple activities could be brought together. During the Covid-19 pandemic, on February 15, 2021, we entered the empty building for the first time. It used to be a blacksmith's shop, which has nothing in common with the first day of our visit.

A building was created that combines the Volunteer Center, library, cultural center, our organization's office, internet TV studio, and therapy office.That’s why we named it Cantre of the Universe.

The building has already hosted notable individuals such as Jurek Owsiak (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity mural was personally designed for us by Jurek), Anne Meller, Mariusz Szczygł, Piotr Czaban, and the Man of the Forest (Człowiek Lasu).
And that’s just the beginning.

In 2022, Centre of the Universe became the first place to provide aid to Ukraine in Brussels, hosting the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Belgium, the Consul General of Ukraine in Belgium, and the Mayor of the municipality of Etterbeek. In 2023, the building welcomed and trained first aid volunteers with the Peace Patrol and served as the main volunteer training center on Polish Day in Brussels 2023. However, the most crucial element of our building is the Volunteers, and the Centre of the Universe was created for them.

We invite you to get acquainted with the history of this exeptional place and the services it offers.

Centre of the Universe - today.

Important elements of our identity are murals by Jurek Owsiak, a mural of Jacek Kuron designed by Sylwia Mużyło, and a mural of Wanda Rutkowska designed by Marta Frej.

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