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We are building a community of modern Polonia in the European Union.

Wolontariusz organizacji Sztab Pomocy Belgia

What is Help Centre Belgium?
Who are Sztabki?

We were founded during the pandemic in 2020 as a group of friends providing assistance in Belgium, transforming on June 16 of the same year into Help Centre Belgium a.s.b.l - Sztab Pomocy Belgia. Today, we are a large humanitarian organization operating in crisis situations, filling the gap in immediate aid systems.
On March 17, 2024, we underwent rebranding and now identify ourselves as Sztabki,
retaining our original names for humanitarian actions.
As a modern association, we engage in various activities supporting the building of the Polish community in Belgium, but primarily focusing on the development of Volunteer teams.
We are the core of the Polish Day in Brussels event in 2022-2023-2024.


What do we do?

Help Centre Belgium as a humanitarian organisation activates in crisis situations such as pandemics, lockdowns, floods, or wars.

In the meantime we carry out project aimed at empowering the Polish community in Belgium:, Mimo Wszystko Kultura, Centrum Wszechświata, or Polska Biblioteka w Belgii.

Polska Biblioteka w Belgii

We have filled the space of our organisation’s building with books as part of the “Polish Library in Belgium” project. It is a collection of over 10,000 books in the Polish language.

We are the first Polish online media for the Polonia community with our own television studio and original program “Nie dzielę w Niedzielę” (Undivided Sunday)

MiMo Wszytko Kultura

Culture, especially its promotion, is one of our primary activities at the Centrum Wszechświata (Centre of the Universe). It’s a place uniquely designed for author’s evenings, mini-concerts, and cinema events.

Centrum Wszechświata

This is our place on Earth, the building of the Help Centre Belgium Volunteerism. It is a multifunctional space combining an internet TV studio, the organisation’s office, a library, but most importantly, the main hall for volunteers.


How was the Help Centre Belgium formed?

Our organisation was founded on March 18, 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in Belgium. As a group of friends, we started helping in Belgium providing assistance to those in need and the homeless. Since then, we have built a tremendous community of volunteers in Belgium.

Today, we are a Belgian non-governmental organisation operating in various fields: humanitarian, cultural, educational and media-related. And most importantly, in the field of integration between Poles and Belgians, as well as within the Polish community in Belgium.

Get to know our history.

We have collaborated so far with:

Since 2020 in our volunteer work we have collaborated with numerous institutions in Belgium, in Poland, both governmental and non-governmental. However, the most important has always been the contact with private individuals.

The actions of providing assistance to the homeless during the pandemic, helping during the floods in Belgium, and supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine have witnessed tremendous displays of kindness and support from the society.
We invite you to the Gallery of Friends of the Help Centre Belgium.

Galeria Przyjaciół Sztabu Pomocy Belgia
Partnerzy Sztabu Pomocy Belgia

Are you ready to join our Team of Volunteers.

The squads are waiting for your support.


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