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When we started building support structures during the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic in Belgium in March 2020, no one expected that we would go so far with the activities of our organization.

Where did this idea come from?

Activity is the key term to explain this topic. The actions of our team have been defined as immediate aid in crisis situations before government structures or large and small non-governmental organizations start operating. Decisions are made quicker, and the social movement is always very active in providing assistance.

But what’s in between?

And here is where our additional projects come into play, which aim to build a community of people providing help while also pursuing their own interests. This is how the library project, cinema, hall for artistic events, online television studio, therapeutic office, and most importantly, the Volunteer Center, were created.


The multi-building is called the Center of the Universe.

We invite you to get acquainted with the details.

Nasza Polska Biblioteka w Belgii
Nasza redakcja
Nasze wydarzenia Mimo Wszystko Kultura
Nasz budynek Centrum Wszechświata
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